How do I meet up with friends in multiplayer?

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How do I meet up with friends in multiplayer?

Post by WQ Coordinator » Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:12 pm

You can form a 'private game' and give the game name and password to the friends you’d like to invite to your game. Or if you’re willing to have other people join your game as well, you can create an open multiplayer game.

If you met someone in an open game and would like to send them a private message or e-mail, or add them to your friends list, click on 'members' near the top right side of this page. Then click on 'Find a member' near the top left side of the page. In the 'Username' section, type in your friend's username. If you're not quite sure what it is, type in as much as you know, and put asterisks (*) wherever you don't know the exact spelling. For example, if you wanted to find me but only remembered that it had WQ and coord in it somewhere, you'd type *wq*coord* in the search box. that'll being up anyone who has those words/letters in their username in that order, even if they have other letters/words in between. Once you've typed in the username, click 'search' near the bottom of the screen. That should bring up a list of people who all have what you searched for in their username. Then just click on the username that looks like the person you met, and if they allow it, you'll see the option to PM or e-mail them.
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