What should I do if people ask/command me to leave a game?

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What should I do if people ask/command me to leave a game?

Post by WQ Coordinator » Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:10 pm

If you join an open game, technically, it is an open game, so hosts and players of open games should be willing to play with anyone who enters their game. However, if they ask nicely, try to be cooperative and it’d probably be best to find a new open game. If you enter a game and people immediately tell you to leave, you can feel free to remind them that open games were intended to let anyone play, and if they want only specific people to play with them, they should really create a private game. If they’re mean or inappropriate after that, please follow the directions in the “What should I do if someone’s being mean to me” or “What should I do if someone’s being inappropriate?” topic in this forum.

I do not warn people for not leaving a game if they're asked, and I also do not typically warn people for occasionally telling other players to leave their game. We'd like more people to be aware that open games are intended to be just that, but at the same time, I don't feel right warning people who just want to play with their friends but don't make a private chat for whatever reason. If, however, a person is reported for consistently commanding others to leave their open game, or is in any way threatening or inappropriate, that person will receive a warning and/or be permanently banned from WolfQuest.
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