How do I hunt?

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How do I hunt?

Post by WQ Coordinator » Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:53 pm

In WolfQuest, you can currently hunt hares or elk. You can also chase after and try to attack coyotes and grizzly bears, but you cannot 'hunt' them.

To hunt a hare, just run after it (by pressing 'Q' once if you were walking) and press the spacebar when you're close enough to bite.
To find and hunt elk, follow the scent trail in elk territory (by pressing the 'v' button). Once you find a herd of elk, turn your wolf and if you're close enough, a white arrow will appear over an elk, and that elk's health will be displayed. Real wolves typically go after the weakest prey (why use all the extra energy to chase after something that can run faster and hurt you more?), and if you're hunting by yourself or with just one other wolf (your mate), hunting the weakest prey is your best bet. (But you can definitely try chasing after a healthy cow or bull elk if you want a challenge!) Chase whichever elk you'd like to hunt and press your spacebar when you're close enough to bite it. But be careful of your own health as well- those hind legs kick! Repeat chasing and biting the elk until either it is dead or you're too low on health to continue.

For more tips on hunting, read the WolfQuest Manual and/or the Tips, Hints, and Help section of the forum.
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