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What is roleplay and why don’t you let people roleplay here?

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:00 pm
by WQ Coordinator
Roleplay is posting as if you were a wolf or someone/thing other than whom you really are. Examples of roleplay on this forum include:
  • wags tail happily
    gives him a great big hug
WolfQuest does not allow roleplay on its most of forums for various reasons. The main one being that the goal of WolfQuest is to educate people about wolves, not only through the game, but also through the forums and website. We did create one post that allows you to realistically roleplay like a wolf on the forums; feel free to check it out!

There are also many forums/websites out there on the internet which primary focus is roleplay. If you wish to roleplay, please use those websites instead of WolfQuest. A topic has been made for you to look through and suggest other roleplaying sites: