How do I get a picture (avatar) for my forum profile?

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How do I get a picture (avatar) for my forum profile?

Post by WQ Coordinator » Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:07 pm

First, find an image you’d like to use for your avatar and either download it onto your computer or copy the URL. This must be a picture you have permission to use (one you make yourself, had a friend make for you, or is labelled as free for public use).

Click on “User Control Panel” near the top left corner of your screen, then click on the profile tab, then click on ‘edit avatar’ on the left. You should be able to either upload the picture from your computer (click browse) or paste the URL into the “Upload from a URL” box. For anything hosted off-site that can’t be uploaded and hosted on-site, use the “Link off-site” box and paste the direct link of your image. This bypasses the forum’s built-in dimensions and size checks.

Specify the avatar size in the avatar dimensions box. The forum will resize it to whatever you type in (must be 100x100 pixels or less). Then click Submit near the bottom of the page and you should be set!

Alternatively, you may use a selection of free-use avatars that have been provided by members of the community. Following the instructions provided to access the avatar management area of the User Control Panel, click the ‘Display gallery’ button shown at the bottom of the page beside the reset and submit buttons. The default and only gallery currently available is ‘wqavatars’ — this gallery contains an assortment of avatars, including a selection of in-game assets and WolfQuest anniversary celebration submissions. To assign a gallery image, simply click the desired picture then click the submit button to apply.

If you notice someone using an avatar you created but did not give permission for other people to use, please either politely ask that person to remove it and explain the reasons why, or contact a moderator. If you contact a moderator, take a screenshot of the user with the avatar and include the link in the PM, that way if the user changes their avatar we still have proof they had an avatar that did not belong to them. For help with creating avatars for yourself or other members, please visit Avatars & Graphics.

Gallery credits:
• Sambhur for the 2.7 rank images.
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