A theory lol

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A theory lol

Post by -Wolfdog- » Thu Jun 30, 2022 2:23 pm

I have a theory that the game (or the player) 'selectively breeds' for certain personality traits in wolves. For example, a cautious mate might do better than a bold mate. They'd survive and have pups who might be more cautious. Cautious pups are more likely to go in the den, where they're safer for predators, therefore increasing the chances of cautious pups passing their genes down and the cycle repeats.

Of course, this is assuming everything goes perfectly planned (maybe accurate, ironwolf) and wolves with extremely bold or energetic personalities are always ''killed off'.
This is also all theoretical, and there are tons of factors to consider. It's also tricky observing personality changes in pups and it could take generations to see any noticeable effects.

But I wonder if anyone has already seen certain personality types being whittled out?

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