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IronWolf Experiences

Post by -Wolfdog- » Wed May 05, 2021 1:38 pm

I love the new updates, and I'm especially excited about age perks and Iron wolf. Today I decided to try Iron wolf out myself, I decided to create a generic wolf (without a name— can't get too attached) called "271 F", or affectionately dubbed "Crow" for her black pelage.

I use to play AM on Accurate all the time and figured this would be easy, yet I never realized how much riskier everything would be once there was permadeath involved. 271F did pretty good, she's still alive (so far) and managed to court a Hayden male already.
The biggest challenge BY FAR is hunting. Read on to hear my experiences and see whether or not you'd like to try it out yourself.

271F went into Wapiti territory and successfully managed to kill an elk calf, although her health was not so good. After 271F ate a portion of the carcass, she retreated back to unclaimed land so she could sleep there without being disturbed.

When 271F returned to the calf carcass, it was already completely eaten by scavengers. 271F decided to risk it and find the elk herd again, but this time a wapiti wolf tracked her down. 271F, with a rabbit in her jaws, ran for the hills, but not without the wapiti wolf HOT on her heels (I was genuinely surprised when the wolf couldn't catch up, I guess that extra stamina pays off).

271F passed a cougar eating a moose carcass, which distracted the wapiti wolf. 271F escaped without a scratch. She decided to rest.

The next morning, 271F decided to track down a different elk herd, this time in an unclaimed part of AM. Her health was almost fully healed, but the hunt from over a day ago had seriously injured her.
Eventually, 271F stumbled upon Snowbrush herd where they overlooked Lamar Valley. Naturally, 271F bolted after the weakest member she could find, yet at the end she barely made it out alive. 271F gave up the hunt and rested. Her health still wasn't high enough where it would be safe for her to take on big game. When night came again, 271F attempted to kill a fawn mule deer, and although she was nearly successful, its mother thwarted her attempts.

271F, still, without food. When she awoke in the early morning hours, she came across a bison carcass, but a sow grizzly with her cub were quickly coming along to claim it. 271F rushed over to the carcass and ate as much as she could before the bears stole it. She managed to grab a chunk of meat and retreated to a safe distance where she could rest and eat it.

271F regained her strength over the course of several days and survived off of scavenged kills and rabbits. She become strong enough to hunt bigger prey and follows the scent of an elk herd in Junction Butte territory.
Fortunately, the hex was already weakened, all 271F had to do was mark it. The instant the elk herd saw her they darted away, but 271F eyed an extremely weak calf laying down. She became opportunistic and chased the calf and evaded most of its mother's hooves. After a short struggle, she successfully killed her second elk and was ready for a mate.

Unfortunately, the following day, 271F was disturbed by Junction butte wolves (despite there being one member interested in her). 271F was chased out of their territory and decided to sleep out the night, hoping dispersals would find her.

After 271F woke, she was greeted by 2 confident brothers and 1 timid unrelated Hayden gray wolf. 271F realized that the 2 males were far from ideal candidates— they also had black pelts (not good for pups!), had 1 Star diversity, and were hostile towards the gray colored wolf. 271F followed the gray wolf and thought that he'd make a better mate due to his timidness (mate permadeath was enabled), gray coat (Kk pups, yeah!) and higher diversity.

271F and the Hayden male accepted their trial and headed towards Lamar river where they could hunt without being bothered by other rival packs.

And that's the end, basically! Wow, sorry for the huge wall of text that I made ya suffer through. It was overall a fun and challenging experience. I'm really excited to see what'll happen as I progress with 271F "Crow".

(TL;DR, wolf successfully hunted 2 elk calves and courted a wolf)
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