The Future of 2.7

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The Future of 2.7

Post by leathermutt » Fri Mar 05, 2021 10:08 am

hi, all. i do hope this is alright to post; if not, feel free to do with it what you wish, mods.

the reality is that many of us do not have computers that can run wq3 and are not able/not in the market for a new one at the moment, leaving us with 2.7. aside from that, the community and especially roleplay is still strong on 2.7, and is my preferred place to play even if my laptop can run wq3 at the bare minimum.

my question is, with the birth of wq3, will there be a death of 2.7? will both games continue to exist? i certainly hope the latter, but at the same time i understand the expenses of server hosting and such.

any insight on this is much appreciated, because i and many others are not ready to get 2.7 go!

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Re: The Future of 2.7

Post by Neamara » Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:32 am

Long before its Early Access release, Dave made it clear that they wouldn't be retiring 2.7; the development team knows not everyone will be able to run the modern version of the game, and their decision to keep 2.7 (which is now also known as "Classic") will allow people to continue playing WolfQuest, regardless of its form.

There's a bit of slightly conflicting information in the WQ:AE knowledge base and the FAQs about WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition developer's blog entry. The old FAQ and Getting the Latest Version of the Game support article suggest critical bug fixes may still be released, and About WolfQuest 2.7 indicates Classic development has ceased. There haven't been any patch releases since 2018 based on this thread, so I'd assume the latter is correct.
loboLoco wrote:Are you still updating WolfQuest 2.7?
We are only making critical bugfixes to the current game, so we can devote all our efforts to WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition and Tower Fall. Each new feature takes time to design, implement, test, and release, and we want to be as efficient as we can so we don’t have to delay the new versions any more than necessary.
Be it computer or mobile, Classic's future is safe for the foreseeable future so long as the project continues to prosper. There's no reason for them not to coexist! :) As for the matter of maintenance and expenses... I'm in no position to answer.
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