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Ideas for Future Updates

Post by paperpaws » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:55 am

Update 01-08-2019: With the release of the Anniversary Edition and the many bug fixes and patch pressure it brings alongside the remaining work to be done on overhauling the rest of the pre-existing episodes as well as the for-now elusive Tower Fall episode, we think it best to emphasise that this thread is once again best suited for brainstorming and discussing ideas, as it was during its inception.

Putting it simply: Feel free to share and discuss any and all ideas you have for and about the game, but be aware the Team is not actively looking for any contributions right now.

If you would like to report an issue or bug you have found within the game, please either use the in-game report feature for bugs by pressing the F11 key, or refer to
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Kamaal » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:19 am

Here are some ideas:

-More animations for your avatar (Like the one in the social arena).
- More animals, beetles, moles, beavers, other birds besides crows, fish, etc.
-The ability to invite/have more than 5 players in a server.
-The ability to carry chunks of meat/small prey animals in your mouth and place them elsewhere to eat them.
-Be able to get scars/wounds from elk/bear attacks or other animal attacks.
-Be able to see the scene of when the radio collar is placed onto your avatar.

EDIT: Here are some more ideas:

-The ability to combine customizations, for instance, a wolf with a bent ear and a radio collar or a wolf with a limp leg and a notched/torn ear.
-More realistic acions, e.g sleeping in various poses, twitching ears in various positions, etc.
-The ability to age as time goes on, maybe?
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Nor-easter Forecast » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:59 am

Thanks for finally putting this up! It looks good. My thoughts for now (might add more later);

- Of course, baby animals in spring (elk calves, bear cubs)
- Cows in cattle ranch are able to walk/run within the confines of the corral
- The ability to choose your own densite/territory. The dens would be less spectacular (more like dark holes in the ground) but you would be able to put them almost anywhere. You could also choose where the boundaries of your territory would be. Where you decided to live you affects gameplay (if you chose to pick a pretty spot right next to a wolf territory, stranger wolves would attack your pups ever five minutes).
- Ravens able to land (I wish we had gotten that in the initial fundraising)
- Cows roaming Lost River
- Ability to run the pup mission in Lost River (find a mate and raise pups in the same map, since we don't want to indicate that wolves can get out of LR)
- Visible/attackable beavers
- AI wolves and animals react to the growl/whine (bears attack when growled at, mate will run to your side if you whine)
- The ability to give your mate orders (stay with the pups, find a carcass, go hunting, attack that predator)

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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Auburn_CardinalWolf » Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:18 am

Yay! I've been waiting for this thread.

I think it would be neat if after you make it to the rendezvous site with your pup(s) you get spawned in a new map next to an appropriate summer den with your pack. The map could be similar to Slough Creek, And maybe you could only unlock it if you complete the second episode by bringing your surviving pups to the rendezvous site. The purpose of the map would be to have larger and or more feistier prey you can only hunt with the strength of your pack.

There could be prey such as beavers that rush into the water if you spook them, chipmunks, quick deer perhaps.

Or maybe instead of a whole new map this prey mentioned would just spawn after you get to the summer hunting grounds with your pups? I don't know, I'd just like to see further continuation with your pack after you've reached the rendezvous site.
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by roguemoon » Tue Dec 29, 2015 12:37 pm

Nice to have this topic up now :) I have a few ideas that would be nice for future games that I've thought about.

- Make ravens more useful in finding food. For example, ravens would fly overhead in the direction of a carcass, circle carcasses and even land to hop around and peck at them possibly? Perhaps even fluttering back into the air if you run at the carcass. It would also be neat to have ravens following you from high above while you hunt, and then landing around your kill as ravens do this irl. I think the ravens, while a neat idea at first, are outdated now and not very helpful. Even just improving the raven animations in game would be nice.

- Bears will try to fight you for a carcass. You have to decide if it's worth risking injury to protect a meal. Bears will be less likely to challenge you in a pack. Perhaps even a group of two or more coyotes would try to challenge you for a carcass while you are a lone wolf?

- Give large prey a stamina bar. Once their stamina drains enough, they would take more damage from a bite. This would make hunting more realistic, since wolves do chase down their prey to exhaust them and make the take down easier.

- Add deer and increase the number of hares in AM. It isn't very realistic that a lone wolf would be able to take down an elk alone, so until you find a mate you'd rely mainly on deer, small animals and scavenging to feed yourself. Once you have a mate, you have a better chance of taking down an elk. As a pack, you can take down stronger elk without much trouble, even bulls. As much as I love the game, it just feels unrealistic for you as a loner to be able to take down elk with relative ease.

- Instead of just biting until the animal dies, you actually have to drag the animal down and kill it. Not sure exactly how this would work but perhaps when the health drops to zero, you'd have to bite and hold for a certain amount of time to drag it down? I think this would just add another level of challenge and realism to hunting and make it a little more exciting.

- Add bison. I think having new large prey options would be nice and add more excitement. Bison would of course have to be very strong, only possible to take down in packs. But they would be slower.
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Dorken » Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:27 pm


- Free roaming stranger wolves or stranger wolves that move around within their territories, especially dispersals since it's kinda weird for them to be hanging around in their natal territory but also looking for potential mates.
- Other animals interacting, e.g. a coyote being killed by a bear for being too close to a carcass. More for immersion then anything as it doesn't really benefit the player. Unless the ability to eat literally any dead thing was added to the game, of course, in which case it could be a rare way of getting an easy meal.
- Dens in rival packs' territories.
- Ravens interacting with wolves in a friendly manner.
- Control of the weather in multiplayer games, like the ability to make it rain when desired and keep the weather normal when it's not.
- Optional minigames or minimissions not unlike the cattle ranch (in other words, you have to go out of your way to find and play them, but they have no real affect on gameplay aside from maybe an increase in stats or food.)
- Probably one of the most requested things: your surviving pups from Slough Creek growing up to a juvenile state and joining you during more missions in another part of Yellowstone. Hunting could be a big part of it as this is the time during which the youngsters will be learning how to hunt.
- The ability to either choose to begin the game as a dispersal wolf OR be a member in a small, already established pack. There's a lot of different ways that could work, like you're one of the breeding pair, or you're a pup who has grown up but hasn't dispersed yet, or you're in a collection of unrelated wolves (not necessarily unrealistic since it is Yellowstone), all with randomized colours and physical attributes.
- NPC wolves having more variety in their stats (if they already don't?) Like ones that are stronger, faster, etc. This would also extend to potential mates. Also, NPC wolves with more physical variety. i.e. stranger/dispersal wolves that can have radio collars, busted legs, and wonky ears of their own.
- Wolves shaking themselves after exiting water.
- A slightly wider variety of colour tinting that isn't limited to just browns and oranges. Could possibly introduce saturation (how grey the wolf's pelt is) without darkening the coat?
- More puppies to possibly be had in SC (realistically speaking, wolf litters range from 4-6 on average.) The amount of pups you have per litter could be randomized between 1-4 (or 6?) Perhaps higher experience points would increase the likelihood of getting a bigger litter?
- The time of day impacts how NPC animals behave (more coyotes at night, more hares in the early hours, etc.)
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by naruto10482 » Tue Dec 29, 2015 2:03 pm

1. Possibly the addition of Lamar Valley Map (IDK if the lost river and Lamar valley are the same ive been looking it up but no answer found)
2. Again the continuation of the pups becoming juveniles and help raising the second litter. And so on...
3. (I just thought of this i really like it too :D ) instead of elk herds staying in one spot( the orange spot on the map) the spot actually moves on the map and game. All Herbivores must stay on the move not only for food but also for survival against carnivores.
4. Definitly, a Water(Thirst) gauge. Water is very :D important
Thats all for my Brainstorming now I cant think of nothing else now. I will be back.
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Azuline » Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:41 pm

I like a lot of the ideas here, and although I can't think up of a lot of new ideas, here's what I had from looking at all the brainstorming so far:

-Definitely add a water gauge since it is slightly unrealistic for the wolves to only really remain hungry and not develop thirst.
-Going off of the last one, whenever it rains, small puddles can collect in certain areas that are more low lying or just natural dips in the earth that would gather water. This would allow your wolves to not venture out so far in order to get to water. So instead of heading to the river in Slough Creek, you could search for a nearby puddle to drink from.
-Another thing is definitely add a portion of the game where you could watch your pups grow up into young adults. Whether that be a slow process, or just a simple time skip and voila they're grown! Either way, having the pups grow up a bit and take care of the next litter and help hunt down elk together would be awesome!
-Have more of a variety of smaller animal besides just hares, maybe add fish in the river so you have a greater chance of finding bears by the water perhaps? Maybe add the danger of snakes as well? Just more variety of animals with different abilities for each one. Skunks, moles, weasels, maybe badgers?
-More presence of humans possibly? Humans sometimes explore and camp in Yellowstone if I'm correct, so maybe a possible face-to-face encounter with a hiker perhaps?

There are so many things we could do with this game, but these are all the ideas I have so far.
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by RoxasXIII » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:07 pm

Good to see the official return of this topic.
Most of my ideas are more on a technical level, to avoid repeats
-real time wolf encounters; a small wolf can win a fight if it's clever enough. Could work using the same 4 choices considering there are already whine and growl keys. I mostly just want to see them break into a foxtrot instead of just back-and-forth lunges
-drinking, even if it's just an animation
-better collisions in Lost River. I just want to go in the open buildings, even if it has no effect on gameplay
-elk actually have to turn around, not just whip around. Would give players the ability to circle around a bull elk for a safer attack
-stranger wolves howl back if you howl in their territory; uses hearing, not just smell
-ability to move food; not a whole elk carcass, but hares and maybe an elk leg or chunk of meat
-ability to start as a dispersal in SC
-customizable mate appearance; perhaps require the mate to keep the same pelt, but allow shader adjustments and adding damaged ears or radio collars
-allow mates to attack coyotes again
-coyotes harassing the player and mate in AM and fighting back a bit
-weighted limbs instead of standing at an angle or sinking into the geometry
(that's all I can think of for now)
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by DerpBacon » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:45 pm

I'm so happy this is back
Alrighty, let's see what I got...
NOTE: Suggestions with a * before it means for Multiplayer, while the rest are generally speaking or Singleplayer.
1. Roaming wolves. I find it quite odd that I am the only wolf in Amethyst Mountain/Slough Creek/Lost River out of a wolf pack's territory.
2. When you howl, there's a chance there would be a response. This already exists in your mate and your pups but I think it'd be cool to implement this in stranger wolves farther off.
3. A water gauge. We have food level/health (red), we have pack affinity (blue), we have territory marker strength (pink/yellow), we have stamina (green). It's impossible that an animal would survive without water (well, wolves at least) so...I'll climb upon the water gauge train and say it could be nice to have. Color-wise, maybe a...lighter blue? Aqua?
4. More types of prey. Obviously elk and rabbits aren't the only types of game in Yellowstone, so why not have a larger variety? Allow me to pitch in some examples...deer, bison, moose, voles, squirrels, chipmunks, pronghorn.
5. Let's not stop at just prey: why not predators? Black bears? Lynxes? Badgers? Cougars/pumas/mountain lions (same animal, different names)? Otters? Wolverines? Weasels? Plenty of animals to pick and add.
6. Improved arena encounters with wolves. In real life, wolves don't take turns to interact, may it be bonding or battling. I agree with RoxasXIII. Why not take things off the arena location sometimes?
7. Moving prey. Maybe an elk herd travels outside of the hunting grounds?
8. A diversity in the wolves you meet. Certainly your own character can't be the only one with busted ears, a radio collar, a limp, etc. Randomly generated, of course.
9. Let's talk a new set of missions: a brand new quest in a new map. I currently have two suggestions for this:
---Pup Life: This wouldn't take place in a new map, as at the beginning of the game it already states that your wolf is born in Amethyst Mountain. Maybe, after character creation, there will be an option to choose one of the three Amethyst Mountain wolf packs to be born into? Each pack has a sort of boost, perhaps. For example, I find the Druids more aggressive, so they could have a strength boost. And the other two packs would have a boost based on either stamina or speed. And then you become the pup version of yourself, playing with your family and being trained. Kinda like a moment of exploration and open-world interaction before jumping into the real quest. For a second mission you would grow to young adolescence, learning to hunt with your family as a pack, as well as battling. As the final mission maybe it's open-world again, learning with your pack and growing until you're old enough to become a dispersal wolf, going to the adult Amethyst Mountain quest.
---Pack Training and More Litters: This would take place in a new map. Maybe the Lamar Valley? I find it well for this quest. At the end of the previous games you finish off by reaching the rendezvous zone with your mate and remaining pups. Then you and your pack howl, joyful music plays, you get a "congratulations!" pop-up and then you're done; you beat the game. Instead of that, maybe you can move on to another quest, where your pups are now adolescents. There's a random chance they end up having busted ears, a radio collar, their normal form, etc. but they still grow to almost you and your mate's size by then. You have to teach them how to hunt, and you can explore the new map and hunt freely with your pack. Maybe assign pups an EXP counter where if they meet a specific EXP number they are deemed trained. Maybe practice arena encounters with your pups also play a factor. And then, when each pup is trained, they become dispersal wolves. When all of your pups are trained you beat the game and get a "congratulations!" pop-up. But, the twist: when you continue you get two options: to either play as one of your pups or have another litter with your mate. If you choose the first option you can pick a pup to play as and play the game completely as that pup. If you choose the second option you start at Slough Creek with your mate. When spring comes your now-adult pups will help you raise your current litter.

10. Maybe some buildings' doors in Lost River are slightly ajar, and if they're like that you can go inside.
*11. Pack territory. This helps with pack-only private games. You can also mark territory in Pack Life games.
*12. Invites to games. Sure, you can send people game name and passwords, but it'd be much more quicker to invite your friend to your game by clicking on their username from a drop-down list of friends when you create a private/public game. It will display game info: public games the game name, private games the game name and password.
Easter Eggs! :D
13. If you jump near a construction vehicle's driving seat you can drive the truck with WASD keys, honk with spacebar, and exit with ESC. (LR)
14. Some floating notes and newspaper articles can be pinned down by P so that you can read them. (LR)
15. If you jump near a carnival ride you can hold R to ride and press ESC to exit riding mode. (LR)
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by -Amsel- » Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:13 pm

Hmmm... interesting... lets see what I can come up with :D

1: Day and night cycles would be really neat, because sometimes I forget to sleep and don't get to fully appreciate the different times of day.
2: as others have said, a thirst bar would be awesome! how about if your thirst bar got really low, then your stamina would go down, then maybe slowly, your heath?
3: also as others have said, more animals would be cool, but if I had to pick one it would be bison! you would have to have a full pack of five to take one down! unless it was a calf, then you could take one down on single-player with your mate.
4: how about if your heath was under 50% or it was snowing, then instead of laying down like normal you would curl up in a cute little ball to preserve body heat?
5: possibly occasional flurries in AM? it is fall, after all.
6: it would be cool if our paw-prints In the snow would last until it snowed again, instead of just disappearing after a few moments.
7: are elk slower in winter when the snow is on the ground? if not, that would be a cool feature.

aaanndd...that is all I can think of for now.

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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Wolvencall » Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:41 pm

A quick add in, it is possible for lone wolves to take down an elk. 06' proved that along with 755M and his new mate but it's only thanks to 06' that 755M learned to take down elk on his own. Not incredibly common but still there.
I'd say:
-Add mice to go mousing but they can disappear in and out of holes can also be used to train pups
-The ability to kill ravens as they can pose a threat to pups if too close to the den/ bring dead raven for pups to play with. along with them hopping around in medium sized flocks near kills.
-The ability for eagles to try to take over your kill.
-Pack rallies in single player
-The ability to interact with stanger packs instead of not being able to go into them have them chase you and attack to deter you if you enter the territory. Let them give warning first though.
-rendezvous site depends on den site.
-rival dens and the ability once you have a full pack To try to lay siege To their den/ destroy it. (that could spur them To attack your den later on)
-To find mates outside of the territories or lead younger pack members out as possible mates but the other pack members will try to attack kinda like how Casanova did it.
-Have pack wolves patroling or walking around and border markers. The fresher they are the closer you are to a patrol to possibly be chased out or find a potential mate from that pack
-Destroy coyote den minimission called ' dead puppy hill' to tell the story of how that hill got its name if you include a Lamar valley map
-wolves reply to your howls. Individually if they are dispersal and you are in am. Or if you are near pack territory they give a warning howl if you are in the territory and go to chase you or sniff you and give a wary welcome. (depends if you growl or whine at the wolves that will go to you and what pack it it) or they will just howl in response
-5-30% chance to give a powerful blow to bears, wolves, elk, hopefully bison and coyotes. It would take anywhere from 20-100% health depending on the size and stength of the animal and it would depend on the season as elk and bison are much slower during winter.
-patrolling cattle dogs that can fight back kinda like bears but are quicker and give less damage when you go to kill the calf. Be extra sneaky or kill them and risk being caught sooner.(killing them reduces exp Which would be bad for future litters)
-a family tree so once your wolf is killed after getting to a certain point in game where it's most likely just free roam at the end with your pack you have the option to go through the quest again as one of your yearling pups going on two years. and to continue that way
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Smaxter » Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:12 pm

Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but I would like an option to lower/mute the volume on sound fx.

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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by roguemoon » Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:50 pm

Ravenwolf2 wrote: 7: are elk slower in winter when the snow is on the ground? if not, that would be a cool feature.

aaanndd...that is all I can think of for now.

Ooh bit of an add on to this if that's alright. I think it would be interesting to have areas of deep snow that would slow down elk as you chase them and tire them more quickly and give you an advantage, since wolves tend to be able to run over deep snow while their prey have to plough through. Shallow snow wouldn't really affect an elks speed too much I don't think.

Also, I love the water effects and it would be nice to see some improvements on those too. Perhaps a splash animation/sound when you jump into water, wakes behind you as you swim, etc. And I agree with the ideas on having more animations/ambience- ex. dust being kicked up as elk run, random birds and small animals in the woods and such. I think having more random wolf animations would be nice too (perhaps scratching with the hind leg or stretching and yawning? The rear licking can just be a little repetitive) Not something really gameplay changing or necessary, but it's always nice to have small improvements like that.
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Re: Ideas for New Episodes V2

Post by Shadziulec » Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:55 am

Since my topic was locked,I will just post it in a link :3 My idea about territories.

Oh,and my most desired feature in WQ would be automatic day cycle <3
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