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Forum Guidelines

Post by WQ Coordinator » Sun May 03, 2009 7:57 am

Thanks for joining WolfQuest! In order to keep this a family-friendly and pleasant community, we ask all members to follow these guidelines in the forums, multiplayer games, and private messaging. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please ask a moderator before posting.
What is allowed:
•Posting appropriate comments/questions in relevant forums
•Posting opinions in a nice and respectful manner
•Posting new topics in relevant forums with an appropriate, descriptive title
•Reporting inappropriate posts, games, or messages
•Roleplaying in the new 'WolfQuest Roleplay Thread' if it is appropriate and emphasizes real (not fantasy) wolf behaviors (finding mates or mentioning you have one is not allowed in the Roleplay Thread or otherwise on the forum)
•Editing or deleting your own posts (in fact, it's encouraged!)
•Posting in topics that are still relevant, helpful, and accurate, regardless of how old the topic is

What is not allowed:
•Posts that include or attempt to include disrespectful/vulgar language, abusive behavior, pornographic materials, or posts unrelated to the topic
•Roleplaying in the forums (posting as if you were someone/thing other than whom you really are, or doing something you couldn't really do, i.e.- *hugs WQ Coordinator* or -perks ears-), except in the new WolfQuest Roleplay Thread
•References to religion, politics, s ex, violence, suicide, alcohol consumption, or other inappropriate or illegal behavior
•SPAM (definition below)
•Sending random/repetitive emails or private messages to members (particularly strangers), asking to join games, packs or websites, giving or requesting personal information (phone number, real name, etc.), or otherwise bugging/harassing members
•Plagiarism/art theft (posting material that is not your own without direct reference and credit to the original author/artist)
•Backseat moderating (non-moderators responding to posts as if they were moderators)
•Posting new threads that are similar to other threads- please use the search feature and look at the last few pages of topics in a forum before posting a new topic
•Posts created for attention/pity, complaining about why your topic has been locked/trashed, or talking about being suicidal or depressed
•Posting links or images of yourself or other members (including avatars)
•Advertising other sites or products (though you may advertise appropriate sites on your signature) or soliciting players for money (even if it's for a good cause)
•Posting in languages other than English
•Attempting to avoid a warning or ban by creating a new account
•Posting in topics that are no longer relevant, helpful, or accurate (please use the report feature to request these topics to be locked by a moderator)
•Pretending to be a WolfQuest moderator/administrator/another player through deliberate profile modification, including username, signature, or avatar changes (the last two apply exclusively to the forum)
•Mating/dating content anywhere on your community profile.

Definition of SPAM
SPAM= Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages. Listed below are our definitions of "SPAM":
•Off-topic posts- posts that are irrelevant to the forum or topic
•Repeating answers- replying to questions that have already been answered or copying your previous post(s) and posting them into multiple topics
•Double-posting- replying to topics or posts in succession. (Examples: No-no, acceptable. Please edit previous posts instead of posting more than once.)
•Quoting yourself or another member without adding anything new to the conversation. (Saying "^ this" under a quote is considered SPAM.)
•One-word replies- actually, this includes any posts that are less than three words. If you can reply with less than three words, it's probably not worth saying, so it is not allowed in these forums. There are only a few forums that do permit less than three words, as detailed here-
•Personal topics- anything not directed to all forum members (unless it’s in a pack topic) should be sent using private messages or e-mails.
•Offers for solicitations/services
•Non-normal writing- Text speak (ex- btw I g2g), SHOUTING, unreadable/illegible fonts or using excessive numbers of: smileys :D :) :o :lol: , font colors, or punctuation!!??!??!?!

Posts/topics may be moved, edited, or deleted by moderators or administrators if they are inappropriate or belong in another thread. Moderators and administrators, not users, determine what is considered to be inappropriate, vulgar, or SPAM. Users not following these guidelines may receive a warning, lose privileges, or be banned from the forum.

If, after reading these guidelines, you have a problem with a user (including moderators), or do not understand why your topic/post was locked or deleted, you are welcome to contact a moderator or administrator in a respectful manner. Arguing with moderators or administrators, especially after receiving a warning, will not be tolerated and may lead to an immediate ban.

Above all, respect the administrators, moderators, and all other members of this forum. Thank you for your cooperation!

Note: if you have a question you don't know the answer to, please read through the WolfQuest FAQ forum before posting or sending a private message to an administrator or moderator. If you send a private message regarding a question already covered in the FAQ, you will just be directed there and not given a personalized answer.

Some links of interest if you’re new to forums:
User Guides- The Forum (read guides created by WolfQuest members to help you through the forums)

Newbie-Teacher Program (receive or become a forum teacher):

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Former WQ Team Member
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Backseat Moderator Guide

Post by WQ Coordinator » Sun May 03, 2009 8:20 am

Backseat Moderator Guide
by Rikkuzilla

What is a “backseat moderator”?
A backseat moderator is someone who acts like a moderator or tells the moderator how to do their job. Although these users may have good intentions and want to help out, they are actually causing more problems in the long run.

Being a backseat moderator doesn’t increase your chances of getting picked for WolfQuest User of the Month or becoming an actual moderator for the community.

Examples of backseat modding:
•“If you need help, just PM me.”
•Creating threads that address the entire community, in a similar fashion to one a moderator or admin would create.
•Following people around the forum and harassing them about following the rules.
•Posting on threads with comments like: “This thread is pointless”, “I’m going to get a mod”, “This topic will get locked”.
•PM’ing the mod consistently and telling them what needs to be locked or moved.

I want to help, but how can I do that, without breaking this rule?
We appreciate those trying to be helpful, but there is also a fine line between helping and being a backseat moderator. Here are a few tips on ways you can help, without being a backseat moderator:

•Report problem posts. Reporting postings will keep things anonymous and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to a thread. Make sure you use good judgment when reporting a post. It’s not necessary to report every single little “off topic” comment, unless it becomes consistent and a problem. At that point, the member may report the post and the moderator will address the problem as soon as possible. Report the post and move on.
•Follow the community rules yourself.
•If a community member asks a question that can be found in our forum guidelines, then simply answer the question in a helpful and polite manner. Avoid responding with posts like: “It’s in the rules. Read them.”
•Refrain from addressing new users with “If you have any questions about the rules, then private message me.” Encourage them to contact a moderator, if they are still confused about something and you were unable to help them.
•Always ask yourself before posting, “Is this something a moderator would do?” If it is, well then it’s probably better to refrain from making the post.
•If you have a suggestion for a help guide or FAQ, simply private message your idea to a moderator or the admin. Do not go ahead and post it without their consent.
•Finally, just be a regular, registered community member! You’re here to post, make threads, and have fun! Leave the “work” to the moderators. (^_-)

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Former WQ Team Member
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WolfQuest Community Etiquette Guide

Post by WQ Coordinator » Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:08 am

WQ Etiquette Guide
Original by Songdog
Revised and updated by Larkarl

1. Respect is key. Even if you don't agree with someone, you need to respect that person as well as their opinions.
2. The forum is not a place for personal disputes. If you have a problem with some one, please work it out over the PM system. Contact a moderator if the person is being abusive.
  1. - Most conflicts stem from either a misunderstanding or a lack of communication. Just because you don't agree with some one doesn't mean you need to hate them.
3. All ages, genders, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, etc. should be equally accepted.
4. Choose your words carefully so as not to offend other members.
5. Remember that the moderators and the admin have a job to do. They keep the forum family-friendly and running smoothly. If one of them tells you that you're breaking a rule, please don't get mad at them. Refer to the rules to make sure they are correct, and if they are incorrect, please tell them so. Some rules are not clearly stated and only implied, but still enforced.
6. Avoid backseat moderating. (For an explanation on this concept, please see the post above.)
7. Before making a new topic, make sure that it is in the right board. This makes the moderators’ job easier.
8. Duplicate topics can clutter a board. Use the search feature to make sure that no topics are too similar to the one you wish to create.
  1. - Make sure your topic title is appropriate for the topic you are discussing.
9. Try to use proper grammar and spelling. Chatspeak and poor grammar can become annoying and confusing. People appreciate being able to read your post easily.
10. Cheating the filter system is not allowed. Offensive words are censored for a reason.
11. Posts should be about a sentence or more in length. A reply less than three words long can be considered SPAM. (Though this guideline is a bit more relaxed on the Off Topic Topic.)
12. Drama is best when avoided.
13. Advertizing products or services is not allowed. You are allowed to advertise your own pack, avatar shop, or website only in specified topics. Do not make your own topic to advertise for these things.
14. Do not post links to anything that would be considered inappropriate on the forums. Moderators will remove these links.
15. Personal topics are generally discouraged. If you got a new dog, there’s no need to announce it with a new topic. Make a post on the General Discussion Topic instead; you may get replies there.
16. Having two active accounts on the forum is not encouraged. Do not pretend to be two people- it's confusing and frustrating for other members. (For more information on the reasons why double accounts are not encouraged, please check the FAQ:
  1. - In the same vein, do not try to account-hop if you’ve been banned.
17. Some controversial issues such as religion and politics should be avoided.
18. When discussing certain topics, back up your opinions with reasoning, statistics, and facts. Avoid turning discussions into “I’m right, you’re wrong.”
  1. -Do not turn discussions into arguments or debates.
19. Be helpful and welcoming to fellow community members. If you know the answer to someone’s question, post a reply to their topic! Say hello on a new member’s introduction topic.
  1. - Be wary of repeating answers, however- that can be considered SPAM. (See Koa’s guide here: ... 01&start=0)
20. Enjoy being on the forums! Take a look through topics and boards of your interests. We’re all here to be part of this great community, so enjoy being here!
Thanks for the avatar, Silverness!

I am no longer the acting administrator of these forums, so please read the WolfQuest FAQ and Tips, Hints, and Help forums for answers to any questions you may have.