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Lincoln Park Zoo is a world class zoological institution located in Chicago's historic Lincoln Park district. Founded in 1868, it is rich with architectural treasures as well as award-winning progressively designed animal habitats. A conservation haven nestled in the heart of Chicago, the zoo operates one of the country's largest zoo-based conservation and science programs.  Committed to saving species and ecosystems locally and globally the zoo employs highly specialized experts in veterinary medicine, landscape ecology, cognitive and behavioral research, endocrinology, epidemiology and population biology.

The not-for-profit Lincoln Park Zoo attracts an estimated 3 million visitors per year and is one of the nation's last remaining free admission zoos. It is managed by The Lincoln Park Zoological Society.

For more information, call 312 -742-2000 or visit www.lpzoo.org.

Go to Lincoln Park Zoo Web site

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