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WolfQuest 2.5: Survival of the Pack Deluxe, is available for free download here on this Web site.

This version, 2.5.1, released on October 11, 2011, is a minor bugfix update to WolfQuest 2.5 (which added weather effects, changing times of day, a new phrase chat, improved lexicon chat safeguards, and more). This version fixes bugs with female wolf choice in single-player, seeing other wolves sit and lay down in multiplayer, and a few other minor bugs. It includes both episodes: Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek.

Download WolfQuest: Survival of the Pack

What's New in this Version

  • Winter!
    Wolves start preparing for pups before the snows have melted, and now WolfQuest represents this reality. You'll start Slough Creek in March, with late winter snows still covering the ground.
  • Weather!
    It's not always 75 degrees and sunny in Yellowstone. WolfQuest 2.5 adds snow, rain, thunder and lightning. You'll find that prey scent trails are muffled by rain. Note that weather effects can slow down the game on some computers, so you can always turn them off. Just go to Options: Game Settings and click on the Weather Effects toggle.
  • Changing Time of Day!
    Time passes for wolves just as it does for people — but in WolfQuest, you can control it! Press Z to go to sleep, choosing when to wake up: daytime, dusk, midnight, or dawn. (In Multiplayer, Time of Day is set initially by the game host and cannot be changed later.)
  • Rest and Sleep!
    Give your wolf a rest by pressing the R key, and R again to lay down. Go to sleep by pressing the Z key — and then decide how long you want to sleep.
  • Phrase Chat!
    A new option for multiplayer games, Phrase Chat limits all chat to canned words and phrases. You can construct sentences by selecting them one after another, then click Send. There are over 100 phrases available for safe, fun chatting for players of all ages.

Single-Player Game

Live the life of a wild wolf in Yellowstone National Park, learning how to survive in the wild, finding a mate, and raising a family.

In Episode 1: Amethyst Mountain:
  • Create your wolf avatar, selecting male or female, choosing from a range of realistic wolf coats (and customizing the coat with color tints), and configuring its abilities (strength, speed, and stamina).
  • Explore four square kilometers of alpine wilderness on the slopes of Amethyst Mountain in Yellowstone National Park, running across open meadows, through dense fir forests, and along sheer cliffs. NEW in this version: Experience Yellowstone throughout the day and night, and in sun and rain. (Amethyst Mountain is in the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park, overlooking the Lamar Valley, where wolves were first reintroduced to the park in 1996. See it in Google Maps!)
  • Hunt elk. Follow scent trails to locate elk herds, then sneak up on the herd, find the weakest one, and begin your attack. Pursue your prey and sap its strength while dodging its counterattacks, to make the kill.
  • Harrass grizzly bears and coyotes who try to eat elk carcasses, or just for the fun of it.
  • Follow scent trails to find stranger wolves. Communicate with them through wolf vocalizations and behaviors.
  • Find a mate and establish a bond.

In Episode 2: Slough Creek:
  • Explore Slough Creek, four more square kilometers of river, meadow and mountains near the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park, east of Mammoth. (See it in Google Maps!)
  • Begin this level in late winter, when snow still covers the land, while you search for a safe den site.
  • Establish and maintain your territory with raised-leg urination and howling.
  • Then springtime arrives with your pups. Raise your pups: train them, feed them, and protect them from coyotes, grizzly bears, and other predators.
  • Hunt elk and other animals as opportunities arise.
  • Keep your pups alive!

Multiplayer Game
  • Form a pack with 2-5 players in public or private multiplayer sessions.
  • Explore the worlds of Amethyst Mountain or Slough Creek together, hunting elk and chasing coyotes.
  • Chat with other players with a phrase chat or an in-game safe chat system limited to common English words. (If you see inappropriate behavior in a multiplayer chat, please report it to us.)
  • Work as a team to bring down a powerful bull elk.

System Requirements

Mac OS X:
  • OSX 10.3.9 or higher
  • 1.5 GHz PowerPC G4 or higher, any Intel processor
  • 290 MB hard drive space
  • Millions of colors

Minimum to run Fastest Graphics Quality Setting
  • 800x600 screen resolution
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • Minimum graphics cards:
    • Intel GMA 950 or higher integrated graphics (GMA 3000 may be marginal)
    • NVIDIA GeForce 2
    • ATI Radeon 9200
  • Recommended graphics cards to run on Good or above quality setting and/or higher resolution (1024x768 recommended):
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6 series or later
    • ATI Radeon 9600 or later

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (DirectX 9.0c or higher must be installed).
  • DirectX 9 or higher GPU
  • 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or higher
  • 280 MB hard drive space
  • Millions of colors

  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows 7 are supported but may exhibit video driver issues. Always update your video drivers from the manufacturer.
  • Netbooks with smaller screen dimensions must have the extended desktop enabled to install, and there may be performance problems. WolfQuest does not officially support "netbook" grade notebook computers due to limited RAM, CPU, and graphics capabilities.
  • WolfQuest will run on Vista x64 and Windows 7 x64 systems.
  • Linux or Windows 2000 or earlier are not officially supported.

Minimum to run Fastest Graphics Quality Setting
  • 800x600 screen resolution
  • 512 MB RAM Windows XP / 1 GB RAM Vista (1 GB RAM for Windows XP / 2 GB RAM for Vista/Windows 7 recommended)
  • Minimum Graphics Cards:
    • Intel 82865G (also known as 910G) integrated graphics or higher (May require driver update; older Intel chipsets may run the game, but with rendering artifacts and very low framerates.)
    • NVIDIA GeForce 2
    • ATI Radeon 7500
  • Recommended graphics cards to run on Good or above quality setting and/or higher resolution (1024x768 recommended):
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6 series or later
    • ATI Radeon 9500 or later

NOTE: As with all video games, more powerful graphics cards and CPUs allow higher screen resolutions and/or quality settings. Older video cards and drivers may exhibit rendering or performance issues.

Release Notes
Printable WolfQuest Manual (PDF)
Help Text File

Read the Game FAQs for more information on specific issues.

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