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The WolfQuest 2.5 Design Contest is now closed. Come back later in June to vote on the best ideas!

The design contest focuses on two types of new features:

  • Big Ideas - new elements, characters, or other things that could significantly affect gameplay.

  • Game Enhancements - suggestions that would improve gameplay in a relatively small but meaningful way.

Thinking about game design ideas
The WolfQuest Team will choose the top ten ideas in each category and post them on the forums for WolfQuest users to help determine the grand prize winner. One winner will be selected from each category.

  • The Grand Prize Winner from the Big Ideas category will win a 3-day, 2-night trip to Minnesota on Tuesday, August 31st through Thursday, September 2nd to meet with the WolfQuest Team, including nationally-recognized wolf biologists, to discuss how their idea can best be implemented into the WolfQuest game. This prize includes airfare from a major airport within the continental United States, hotel for two nights, and a tour of the Minnesota Zoo and other Twin Cities sites with WQ Coordinator. (If the winner is under 18, airfare and hotel will also be provided for one parent or guardian.)

  • The winner of the Game Enhancements category will win two WolfQuest t-shirts, a WolfQuest embroidered patch, and will also see his/her idea implemented into the game.

  • The remaining 18 finalists will each receive a WolfQuest embroidered patch.

Contest Rules

  • Submissions were accepted until Tuesday, June 1st. Ideas submitted after this date (or not from this form) will not be considered for this contest.

  • Each person may submit up to five ideas total, in either or both categories. If a user submits more than five ideas, his/her first five ideas will be used for the contest. The Wolfquest Team reserves the right to reclassify suggestions as Big Ideas or Game Enhancements if we feel they belong in a different category.

  • Each idea must be set in Slough Creek in the summer. Suggestions for new locations or seasons will not be considered.

  • Submitted ideas will be judged upon the quality of the idea (how it would make WolfQuest more educational, scientifically accurate, and/or fun to play) and how well the idea is described. We're looking for a detailed explanation of the proposed gameplay, the science behind it, and what the players will learn from it. It's okay for more than one user to submit the same idea.

  • If two or more people have a similar idea, the best description of that idea, as determined by the WolfQuest Team, will be selected for potential nomination.

  • The grand prize winner is not required to make the trip to the game design meeting in Minnesota.

  • If traveling to the design meeting in Minnesota:

    • The grand prize winner must be able to provide his/her own transportation to a major airport within the continental United States.

    • The grand prize winner must be able to attend this trip on Tuesday, August 31st through Thursday, September 2nd, with (if applicable) his/her parent or guardian's permission. An e-mail permission slip will be sent in June to the finalists in the Big Ideas category to confirm permission. This permission slip must be signed and returned via scan, fax, or regular on or before the date listed on the permission form in order to be finalists and have their ideas posted on the forum to be considered for the grand prize.

  • All ideas must be anonymous on the forums. If you are one of the finalists and announce which idea is yours, your idea will be disqualified. If you announce who submitted any of the finalists' ideas, your account will be warned or possibly banned from WolfQuest.

  • If a person uses multiple accounts to increase their voting power, all accounts involved may be permanently banned from WolfQuest.

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