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Image of a wolf at the California Wolf Center
The California Wolf Center offers a variety of programs and tours. The "Wolves of North America" program focuses on the recovery of the North American gray wolf, emphasizing the importance of this keystone species to the ecosystems it inhabits. Our program entitled "Wolf Recovery Today" concentrates on the current reintroduction project for the Mexican gray wolf and our Center's involvement in the captive breeding program of this critically endangered subspecies of gray wolf. Intimate private tours are available Monday through Friday, allowing guests to enjoy individual time with one of our staff educators. The Wolf Encounters program is an educational field trip designed for students K-12 and is also great for scouts and other youth groups. For those that are unable to make it to the Center, we offer off-site presentations for all ages, including "From Pups to Predators" which is specifically for youth groups. Off-site presentations include a slide show presentation and artifacts display, sometimes followed by a streamcast from inside the Alaskan gray wolf enclosure.

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