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Happy Thanksgiving from WolfQuest!

Find out what we're doing and thinking as we develop WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition and the Tower Fall expansion!

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving from WolfQuest!

Postby Silverheart98 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:51 am

Okay I just have to write something about this c'x Although i have watched this video already like 5000 times after it came out on thanksgiving, haha!

But you did amazing job with the wolf model and the carcass looks tasty! x'3 Very very good job! You never let me down! :D I am super exited for this version of wolfquest! I just wanna hug those wolves now they look so living and fluffeh! :3 The fur is so well done I really get the feeling that i could just touch it cx You do miracles to this game!

Keep on the amazing job!

~ SilverSparrow
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving from WolfQuest!

Postby NoyaTusk » Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:41 pm

Oh wow !! the animations look so smooth and the elk corpse looks so floofy! I can't stop watching this video x3

I can't wait until these models and animations are added to the actual game. ! :wolf: :)

{Extremely late} Happy thanksgiving to all you who celebrate it !
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving from WolfQuest!

Postby resanfray » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:13 am

See... this right here is why I love WQ! You guys really seem to take care of your community.
You guys are just amazing people!

The wolf models and the elk body look stunning! I especially love they they wolves don't feel as static as the current.
Don't get me wrong, I love all of wq's aspects but there up and coming stuff is so amazing!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving from WolfQuest!

Postby sophiaww » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:53 pm

Those are the best wolf models ever! I love how you added that the elk has no antlers cuz it's summer. And if you didn't notice you get a sneak peak of one of the old wolf skins on the new wolf model on the wolf farthest to the right of the screen. HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING!!! keep up the good work WolfQuest :wolf:
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