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Mission Simpossible

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Re: Mission Simpossible

Postby ForeverEverest » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:16 pm

To me, it sounds like these side-quests are a lot like achievements. I think rewarding experience for clearing them is a good idea. Maybe achievements could become the missions? That way, people would probably pay more attention to them, and be more likely to try clearing them for the reward. The journey to pack elder is pretty long, so I can imagine clearing missions to earn experience would be something many would want to do. If you are to turn achievements into sub-quests, then I guess it could be unlocked as an achievement the first time you clear it, but you can clear each mission once per wolf, gaining experience each time. That way, you can clear it multiple times, and still gain benefits.

Here's a little example:

Before the mission has been cleared, it's darker on the achievements list. (As they are before you clear them in 2.7.) There could be something like "(500XP)" written underneath, to show what you get for clearing it.

Once you've cleared it for the first time, you are awarded experience for the wolf you were using at the time, and you unlock it as an achievement, which then gains colour.

You can then clear the same mission, just with another wolf, to gain the experience for that one. (Or you can clear it again with any wolf, but if you clear it again with the same wolf, the experience is reduced... Or something like that.)

It's just an idea, but I think it would give people more incentive to collect achievements, as it benefits their wolf/wolves. It may result in certain achievements having to be removed, like those that encourage overkill, but I think it would provide a better use for achievements as a whole.
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