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How to report a bug in WolfQuest 2.7

Find answers to common WolfQuest questions. Check here first before contacting a moderator or administrator or posting your question in other forums.

How to report a bug in WolfQuest 2.7

Postby loboLoco » Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:12 pm

Before each version of the WolfQuest game is released, it is tested by both the WolfQuest Team as well as volunteer beta testers, using multiple computer types, operating systems, and graphics cards. While we try to catch as many bugs as we can, some bugs only occur for certain people and our team of staff and beta testers has not been able to reproduce (and therefore fix) some bugs.

If you find a bug that you can reproduce (it keeps happening at the same part in the map, or right after you do something specific), send an e-mail to: bugs@wolfquest.org and include as much of the following information as you can:
  • a detailed description of the bug/glitch
  • what type of computer (Mac or Windows) you have, and which version of that operating system
  • what you were doing right before the bug/glitch happened
  • a screenshot of the bug/glitch (if applicable))
  • a screenshot of your location on the map (if applicable)
  • your saved game (if applicable)
  • if you experienced this bug in a single player or multiplayer game
  • your game log file

To find the game log file:
  • On Windows: Search your computer for a file called "output_log" (if you purchased the game on itch.io, it will probably be in: Documents\My Games\WolfQuest\WolfQuest\WolfQuest_Data\output_log.txt)
  • On Macs, search for the Console app, and open it. Then in the left sidebar, look for FILES/~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log. Open that log, and copy the entire log into the email.

Thanks for your help in making WolfQuest better!
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