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The Endangered Wolf Center was founded in 1971 by noted naturalist Dr. Marlin Perkins, his wife Carol, and a group of individuals that were concerned about the plight of canids. It is a private, nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation and recovery of the wolf and other endangered canids through education, research and captive breeding.

EWC currently maintain a collection of African Wild Dogs, Maned Wolves, Mexican Gray Wolves, Red Wolves and Swift Fox, all of which are in need of careful management for breeding purposes, not only for captivity, but several species that may be potentially released into the wild. Currently, the Center is one of the largest holders of Mexican gray wolves, and has a connection to nearly every Mexican wolf in the wild. The Center also is heavily involved in a variety of behavior and reproductive research projects that are aiding researchers around globe. The animals are maintained in a variety of social situations that will not only suit their individual needs, but also the needs of the program. Since the majority of the animals within the collection are owned by USFWS, the number of wolves in the collection can vary over time, ranging from 30-60 animals in any given year.

For the latest information about EWC, please visit our website at www.endangeredwolfcenter.org

Red Wolf
Photo: Jackie Fallon, Endangered Wolf Center

Maned Wolf, Swift Fox, and Mexican Gray Wolf
Image of a wild canid
Photo: Jackie Fallon, Endangered Wolf Center
Image of a swift fox
Photo: Jackie Fallon, Endangered Wolf Center
Photo: Jackie Fallon, Endangered Wolf Center

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