The Music Extras pack includes the soundtrack to the entire game, including the Lost River tracks, plus a 25-minute video featuring game composer Tim Buzza talking about how he created the signature sound of WolfQuest and many memorable tracks in the game.

The new music featured in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition will be added soon, as a free update!

Buy the pack to get over an hour of original music plus this fascinating video. Cost: US $6.00.

WolfQuest 3 Music

New music by Tim Buzza and Ben Woolman COMING SOON!

WolfQuest 3 music will feature all the classic WolfQuest music, complemented by some all-new tracks by composer Tim Buzza. There will also be more new music by Ben Woolman, whose fingerstyle guitar playing builds on WolfQuest's themes.

We’re using a new type of game-music system, called adaptive music, to make the soundtrack more dynamic and immersive than ever before. Instead of playing one track after another, Tim created layered tracks that we can control on the fly during gameplay.

Devblog videos:

Music and Elk Herds and Trees, Oh my!
New music, the new elk herd names, and whitebark pines. (3/21/19

Play That Wolfy Music
Implementing adaptive music (10/18/18)

A Little Elk Music
New elk hunt music (7/19/2018)

Tune Up
Adaptive music intro (2/1/2018)